A closeup shot of RAAMmat BXT II

The result of many years of development, testing and installation, RAAMmat BXT II is designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of application. RAAMmat BXT II is a premium Butyl mat.

Every feature of RAAMmat BXT II has been tweaked and tuned to our exact specifications. We are very proud of this product—we have to be—it has our name on it. We believe this is not only the best mat on the market, but by far the best value in high performance automotive sound control.

RAAMmat BXT II is Butyl based, representing a tremendous advance from the old industry standard asphalt damping mat material. Sound deadening a car used to only be for the hard-core enthusiast (like us)—it was difficult to install, made your car smell for months and needed careful care to make sure it stayed in place during hot weather. Our cars sounded great, but you really had to be dedicated to achieving audio perfection.

The days of using industrial-strength solvents, heat guns and rollers are over! RAAMmat BXT II satisfies car audio competitors while being easy enough for the casual DIY installer wanting to dramatically improve the sound of their audio system and reduce road and engine noise. Its so easy that you can install some BXT II and you will be able to use your car for a date the same day.

We believe the RAAMmat BXT II is the ideal choice for most sound deadening projects. Some products are thicker, but we would rather use two layers where we need it and not waste materials where we don’t.

Some mats have thicker, less flexible aluminum constraining layers, but again if that structural rigidity is required, we’d rather get it from multiple layers. Our aluminum layer is flexible and coated both sides with polyethylene film. You can press RAAMmat BXT II into every crevice and around corners—and RAAMmat BXT II will not slice your hands to shreds like similar products because of the softness of the aluminium.

RAAMmat BXT II has been tested at temperatures of more than 250 deg F. There are products with a higher published rating, but in order to increase temperature tolerance, you sacrifice flexibility and adhesion. If you car is exposed to temperatures in excess of 250 deg, you have bigger problems than how well your sound deadener sticks as your car is more than likely on fire!

Last but not by any means least our 37.5 sq ft pack size means that you get more mat per pack than comparable products ‘bulk’ packs so you can make your money go further.

RAAMmat BXT II specification
Adhesive/Damping Layer Butyl based
Temperature Rating Guaranteed to 250°F (121°C)
Constraining Layer 4 mil (0.01016mm) soft aluminum top layer
Adhesion Exceptionally self adhesive
Packaged Pack with twenty four 15″ x 15″ (38.1×38.1cm) sheets
Square Feet per Pack 37.5 (3.5 m2)

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