A closeup shot of some RAAMline MLV

RAAMline MLV is a high quality, mass loading vinyl sheet complete with a very strong adhesive backing.

As you can see from the name, the idea of MLV (mass loaded vinyl) is to add mass, which when decoupled from the cars panels with a layer of foam is extremely effective in reducing road and engine noise from entering the vehicle.

After addressing your panel resonance with RAAMmat BXT II, we recommend you add a layer of RAAMline Foam and then on top of that a layer of our RAAMline MLV. This helps even further to keep noise out and your music in. Unlike the BXT II which does not require complete panel coverage barrier products such as our foam and MLV work best with complete unbroken coverage throughout the car if you want to compromise slightly you could target just the main areas of noise transmission (the firewall and floor up to front seats and the rear wheel wells).

Whilst some other suppliers sell MLV and foam together in a composite sheet we intentionally choose to sell it separately as it makes it much easier to install as you often need to create an overlap in order to get proper coverage. The foam can also be very useful by itself to stem the noise from rattly parts.

RAAMline MLV specification
Mass/area 3.4 kg/m2
Thickness 1.4mm
Length 1m (sold by the metre)
Width 1.2m
Square metres 1.2 (13ft2)
Polymer Vinyl
Tensile Strength 334 psi (2.3 MPa)
Elongation 750% at break
Flexible temperature resistance Flexible at -10°C
Flame resistance No burn rate when tested to FMVSS302

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