RAAMline Foam

A closeup shot of some RAAMline Foam

RAAMline, a very durable, light weight, closed cell foam is the ideal sound absorbing material for automotive applications. Most products sold for this purpose are outrageously expensive leading many DIYers to use inferior materials that do the job, but can’t stand up to your car’s harsh environment. Jute and the open celled foams you can buy in a craft shop absorb moisture, leading to mildew and nasty odors. Some improvised solutions even present a fire hazard.

Our RAAMline sheeting is the ideal solution. Very reasonable cost, available in the quantities you need and easy to apply with the self adhesive backing.

It is much easier and neater than using a product which requires a spray adhesive. And cheaper too!

RAAMline Foam specification
Adhesive Exceptionally self adhesive
Thickness 3mm (.12″)
Length 1 m (sold by the metre)
Width 1m
Square Metres 1 (11 ft2)
Polymer PVC/NBR
25% Compression Resistance 1.5-3.5 psi
Water Absorption 0.1 lbs/ft2
Tensile Strength 30 psi
Elongation 125% without damage
Flammability MVSS302, FAR 12 Sec. Vert.
Flotation UL 1191

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