Dragster Audio Art Catalogue 2012

The logo says it all… fiery Italian looks matched with a passion for the highest quality manufacture makes our Dragster range a stylish alternative to your run-of-the-mill in-car audio solutions.

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Dragster was created for those who have a genuine passion for music in the car. Music that can be listened to at realistic levels and with a quality of reproduction that does full justice to the concert stage. From crystal clear highs to the deepest lows, at any volume level and with no distortion. Accurate and realistic performance of all types of music.

In 2010 we launched the EXTREME product line for real music lovers who only accept the best for their car sound system. These are high quality and mega-power devices that enable you to build a feature-rich sound system that is powerful, extremely dynamic and produces unmatched sound.

The program was met with enormous success everywhere. All the EXTREME products received a level of acclaim and sales that was totally unexpected and now the whole line is a driving force behind our production. This led to an expansion of the EXTREME range in 2011 with two new models for DAF amplifiers and new DWC woofers now offered in 2 dimensions and 3 versions each. Two awesome new loudspeakers have been developed for the bass and mid ranges. They come in a 10 in. (25 cm) version under the codes DM 10 and DMX 10.

Last but not least the 7 DTX and DTN tweeters were doubled and now come in 14 different versions. Their vast variety of sizes, power, efficiency and technical features enable you to take care of all your sound needs. All the basses, mids and tweeters give your system an enormous amount of power, but not only that - their high level of efficiency is so impressive that they will amaze anyone within hearing distance, including you!

EXTREME gives you extremely dynamic systems with unmatched power. Just think that two bridged DAF7001 amps produce an output of up to 14200 Watts at a load of 2-OHM, and a DWC woofer, whether 12 in. (30 cm) or 15 in. (38 cm) in the various dual-coil versions at 0.5, 1 or 2 OHM, supports 2000 Watts continuous, 4000 Watts peak and 10000 Watts in 3” short burps.

Need we say more?

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