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Digital Designs (DD Audio), established in 1986, designs and creates high performance equipment. Originally located in El Centro, Southern California they moved to Oklahoma City in 1991. Since inception, they have prided themselves on making audio products that are ‘True to the source’, whether for the home, professional or car audio markets.

In the beginning they were making near-field studio monitors—these monitors received many accolades in the pro audio arena. In fact the 6.5″ woofer in those monitors was DD’s entry into hand building woofers.

From pro audio, DD transitioned into doing OEM business for several years, until finally returning the brand to the marketing scene in the late 1980's. DD car audio products hold more world records in SPL competitions than any other company, and have maintained this advantage since 1999. They not only hand build their speakers, but also use American made parts when a manufacturer still exists. They have been using the same American vendors for over 15 years, because they build the best parts. Their focus is to build the best product they possibly can, this is no longer a goal with other companies in our market.

After 20+ years in business their motto is still ‘True to the source’.

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With more products than ever before, ranging from entry level to absolutely nuts competition standard, Digital Designs should be the choice for every car audio enthusiast. What are you waiting for? Get Digital Designs in your life today!

For all the detailed product info please visit the Digital Designs website at and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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