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A closeup shot of the Aviator Car Audio Catalogue Aviator Car Audio Catalogue

An affordable range of in-car audio with enough power to keep you on the edge of your seat… without breaking the bank!

Digital Designs Digital Designs

Digital Designs (DD Audio), established in 1986, designs and creates high performance equipment. Originally located in El Centro, Southern California they moved to Oklahoma City in 1991. Since inception, they have prided themselves on making audio products that are ‘True to the source’, whether for the home, professional or car audio markets.

The Dragster Audio Art Catalogue Dragster Audio Art Catalogue 2012

The logo says it all… fiery Italian looks matched with a passion for the highest quality manufacture makes our Dragster range a stylish alternative to your run-of-the-mill in-car audio solutions.

A closeup shot of some RAAMline Foam RAAMline Foam

We are delighted to be the exclusive UK distributor of RAAMline foam, the product description is as follows:

RAAMline, a very durable, light weight, closed cell foam is the ideal sound absorbing material for automotive applications. Most products sold for this purpose are… Read more»

A closeup shot of RAAMline MLV RAAMline MLV

RAAMline MLV is a high quality, mass loading vinyl sheet complete with a very strong adhesive backing.… Read more»

A closeup shot of RAAMmat BXT II RAAMmat BXT II

We are delighted to be the exclusive UK distributor of RAAMmat BXT II. The product description is as follows:

The result of many years of development, testing and installation, RAAMmat BXT II is designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of application. RAAMmat BXT II is a premium Butyl mat.… Read more»

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